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Help Catarro in his spirtain trial. Finding all plush cats reassembling the path to his homevillage and his beloved mom.

Spirtains! Au-au-tchim!

Jump-sneeze, soar-phlegm-bubble and swing-spit in this 2D pixel art precision platformer.


He is just a kid, a special one, the promised kid! His mommy was in tears when she had to left him alone in the middle of nowhere without any clue of the right direction to go to get back safely to his home village.


The boy must gather his strength to surpass this old ritual opening his own path in this natural habitat full of traps and wild enemies that want to have a little snack.


During his journey he will achieve new heights unlocking new abilities that will help him survive and find the better and fastest way to go back to his beloved mom.


His mommy loves him so much that she let some clues as gifts for him to find and remember all things that makes him get his grip and continue until he reunites with his family.

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