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Summer heat is on! Bear found a new season job serving coconut water. Visit 40 places in this charming forest neighbourhood and solve sokoban style puzzles to help Bear open the coconuts. Job done, enjoy some freshness!

Nothing tastes better under the sun than fresh and chilled coconut water. Pitty it is so hard to open those coconuts! Bear doesn’t have a proper knife, so his trick is to roll the coconuts into the hole full of ice; it breaks open when falling in! Now, all Bear needs to do is find a way to roll those coconuts around the rocks, hay and ice!


Breaking a coconut is no easy task. You need to roll it to an exact spot.


It’s easy to get haystacks out of your way. Ice… that’s another story.


More coconuts means more fresh water, buuuuut it can make things a bit trickier.


Solve the puzzle to enjoy fresh and delicious coconut water.

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