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Running a restaurant is no easy task. The chef's way of cooking is a puzzle, he serves in sets of three and only if you manage to properly combine plates. Another challenge is the conveyor belt and anxious customers. Plates never reach them in time, can you work out a solution?


Food is art, and in the case of this Japanese restaurant, it is also a puzzle! There are many secrets in creating the perfect sushi, in assembling the perfect roll, and on how to serve these culinary wonders! Find sets of three plates according to the chef’s rules to satisfy the customers, and make sure their food reaches them fast! Hungry clients don’t like waiting.

Clientes Idle e Comendo.gif

Come along to our restaurant! How'd you like to work for the day? As a cook? As a conveyor belt manager? Doing both? It's your choice!


The cook has his own thing. He prepares three plates at a time and is very strict with recipes. Follow the rules on the flags. He wants it all to vary, or make everything in the same way!


Our conveyor belt is programmed with special stickers. Mix, match, find their correct spot and make sure every customer gets what they want in time!


Come work with us! Enjoy some lofi relaxing music, experience a day in the best japanese food restaurant ever, have fun solving some tricky puzzles!

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