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A treacherous dungeon, locked rooms on the Witch's path to freedom. Use magic energy to guide lost souls, perform the liberating ritual. Overcome dangerous obstacles. Avoid acid, lava, stompers and fire balls. Fight tiny creatures in this dark precision platformer. Escape your doom, but remember, too much power is dangerous.

Chained, the Witch awoke in the deep dark of the dungeon. The ritual is her only hope. Her prison is full of danger, she must move carefully and find her lost sisters. The souls of witches from the past remain behind, unable to escape this doom without help. The Witch must set them all free.


The Witch must guide the souls of her sisters to enchanted candles. In this final liberating moment, the sisters will use their remaining power to summon keys.


Magic gives the Witch much precision in controlling her movements. Use her special abilities to move through all the 40 locked rooms.


The dungeon has many traps. Some quite visible, some hidden. Some ferocious little creatures crawling out of the deepest darkest holes. The Witch must be careful with her movements, don't let any harm reach her.


Every performed ritual leaves behind some of the lost sister's power. The Witch might be closer to escaping, but she also gets closer to an uncontrolled and devious mind.

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