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Miguel's first journey to school takes him through many corners of the forest. Assemble the jigsaw puzzle to uncover a new area for Miguel to explore! Embark on quests, find the secrets of this enchanted forest, learn with our tiny mushroom and get to know the inhabitants of this magical place!

There are many things to see in these enchanted woods. Solve the puzzle, then explore with Miguel! Go say hi to everyone you meet, they might have a story to tell. Take a closer look at weird objects, they too can keep secrets. It’s a new day full of new discoveries for our little shroom!

Miguel 01 -  A day with miguel.gif

Miguel is a tiny mushroom! He lives with his mom in an enchanted forest, and now he's all grown up and should go to school!

Miguel 02 - Jigsaw.gif

Outside Mama Shroom's farm there's a whole forest! On Miguel's way to school, assemble the jigsaw puzzle and create a new area to explore.

Miguel 03 - Carrot.gif

The forest is full of different creatures. Miguel will meet many along the way. Will they be Shrooms, Blobs or… is that a Carrot reading a book?

The new acquaintances are friendly and can offer Miguel many fun quests to embark on.

Miguel 04 - Explore .gif

School is big! Classes spread all over the forest. Explore, meet the teachers and discover a bit more of Miguel’s world.

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