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It's Fall and leaves won't stop falling! Bear's newest job is cleaning the lawns of the neighbourhood. Solve the sokoban style puzzles pushing bundles of leaves away. Clean fields mean a merry forest folk!

Autumn is a magical time! What is not magical is the amount of dead leaves Bear needs to clean from his neighbour’s, in 40 different lawns. But, that’s the job. Rolling them in a bundle and finding a way through stones and logs to push them in a hole.


Yes, there are still many leaves falling, but it's Bear's task for the day to clean these ones. The rest is a problem for future Bear. Don't think about it and just push that bundle.


Logs? Who wants them? Well, maybe you do. Maybe you need to get them out of your way.


Really, there are A LOT of leaves. Work is hard for the Bear.


Clean lawns, bright smiles, job done!

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