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Help Maintenance Bear during his winter job! Solve sokoban style puzzles in order to fix the 40 pools at the snowy Spa. Break the ice to create your way. The pools are freezing and the neighbourhood folk want them bubbling hot!

In a winter spa, a cold pool is no good, no one will use it! Bear needs to push the logs to the fire pit and get the water steaming, but this is no simple task. Rocks and ice floating on his way make it quite a puzzle to take the log to the fire.


Let's start by breaking the ice!


Find your way around the pool, pushing the log so it reaches the hole!


Things get tricky, solve the puzzle. How do you get your log all the way over there, if you can only push?


Job done, relax in the warm and bubbly pool, have a good time with a buddy.

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