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Chubs ordered some pizza and he doesn’t want to share it. Problem is: the smell attracted his hungry family and some speedy rats. To protect the pizza Chubboy will need to install  towers of healthy food and spit the rats away in this foody hell shooter tower defence.

Pizza 01 - Fridge.gif

Everyone was sleeping, so Chubs ordered his dinner. But the pizza smells so good the whole house woke up wanting a piece, and that includes de rats!

Pizza 02 - Rats.gif

There’s plenty of healthy food in the fridge. If dad, granny or Chubs’ brother wants to fill their tummies, that’s what they’re getting - even if it is by force. Chubs can install towers of healthy food to keep the family away from the pizza.

Pizza 03 - House.gif

The little creatures know Chubs family is always eating, so they stay close by, waiting for something to pray on! They are pretty evolved: can run, shoot and even fly! But they hate spit, and Chubboy’s spit is powerful!

Pizza 04 - Traps.gif

When protecting the food, the house can be a problem. It is too crowded with stuff! Chubs can get it out of the way, but there’s always a cost.

The family is always trying to protect their snacks from each other, so the house ended up full of traps! Chubs needs to pay attention, or he’ll pass out without getting a chance to taste his pizza!

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